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Traffic School or no Traffic School…

That is the question, or is it? Well it’s not so much a question or a choice but rather a matter of eligibility. You just got a ticket, pick your “crime”; speeding, red light camera or any traffic violation that is not a misdemeanor… there’s a countless array of transgressions available to us all. Under […]

And so this is Christmas

Yes I know, another song reference but it seems befitting at this time. If you are familiar with John Lennon’s lyrics then you will understand. Another year has gone by… no wait, that’s next week’s blog. Things have slowed down a bit as it usually does this time of the year. It doesn’t mean that […]

The “bagman” cometh

So I’m using a little poetic license to illustrate a point. The bottom line is that in California it’s illegal to drive without automobile insurance. And even if you do have insurance but don’t have “proof” of it if you’re stopped by local law enforcement, then your life just got a little more complicated. You’d […]