Category: Traffic Ticket Defense

Welcome to the ½ OFF sale

Here’s a chance for all of you “traffic criminals” to settle the score once and for all and walk away clean. In an effort to recuperate a big chunk of lost revenue, Los Angeles County will offer amnesty to more than a million holders of unpaid traffic tickets that were issued and due prior to […]

Making the Right Decision

There comes a time in every traffic “offender’s” life when considering a traffic attorney seems like the only option left. Let’s consider those options for a moment and see where your money can be better spent. Many of us tend to panic a little when getting a citation; driving too fast, the red light camera […]

Same as it ever was…

Chalk one up for the populace. The thirty two headed Hydra seems to finally been cut down. Yes, I’m talking about the Red Light cameras that “infect” 32 intersections in the City of Los Angeles. I say “seems” because given the fickleness of politicians, these things can become once again operational after one or two […]

Hurry up and wait

What will happen to your right to a speedy trial? The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees it. It refers to criminal offenses of course but remember that in California, a traffic offense is a criminal offense so…? OK, I may be getting ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning. Budget […]