Sherman M. Ellison is a trial attorney who exclusively practices Traffic Law. Mr. Ellison has been admitted to and practiced in all United States District Courts within California, Hawaii and Oregon; the United States Supreme Court; the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Eighth Circuit; and all of the courts in the state of California Court system. Along with all the other attorneys that litigate for our firm, Sherman M. Ellison is extremely effective, detailed, conscientious and thorough. Mr. Ellison considers himself to be the “Best Traffic Ticket Attorney In The State of California”.

Sherman M. Ellison’s professional affiliations include the National Motorist’s Association; National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; California Public Defenders Association; Criminal Courts Bar Association; Los Angeles County Bar Association — Criminal Law Section; and, the California State Bar — Criminal Law Section.

Published Opinions, precedent setting appeals by Mr. Ellison, include the California Supreme Court: People v. Superior Court [Keifer], 3 Cal.3d 807 (1970); California Court of Appeals: People v. Williams , 168 C.A.3d 349 (1984); United States Court of Appeals: U.S.A. v. Myers, 543 F.2d 721 (1977); and United States District Court: U.S.A. v. Redondo, 980 F.Supp. 1114 (1997).

Sherman M. Ellison attended U.C.L.A. as an undergraduate. He then entered and received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Marine Corp. After first being accepted to Dental School, Mr. Ellison changed his professional objective and entered the University of La Verne, College of Law, earning an LLB and J.D. in 1969, passing the California bar examination in November of 1969 and was sworn in to practice law on January 15, 1970.

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