Trial by Declaration… Revisited

Those of you, fans and avid readers will remember that back in January of this year we touched upon this subject. The reason we’re dragging this topic back up is because recently we’ve seen an increase in clients that will ask about it with the assumption that it’s the “cheap” way out of a ticket. […]

Let’s be fair

I must warn you, this is strictly an opinion piece and although the rules and regulations are real, the content reflects my feelings entirely. Driving a “big rig”, a bus or any other type of what’s classified as a commercial vehicle can be a rewarding experience. Not necessarily a financially rewarding experience (although it can […]

Making the Right Decision

There comes a time in every traffic “offender’s” life when considering a traffic attorney seems like the only option left. Let’s consider those options for a moment and see where your money can be better spent. Many of us tend to panic a little when getting a citation; driving too fast, the red light camera […]

Beware… The Flasher

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. Here at home it was 110 on Saturday and luckily cooled down to 108 on Sunday (what a relief!) and following this “cooling trend” should be around 105 today (Monday). I know it was not so throughout the whole state so good for you, I can only […]

Like a Bad Penny…

Yes, this subject keeps turning up and coming back. Now that the City of Los Angeles has turned off (but not removed) the red light cameras, Angelenos and beloved visitors can breathe a sigh of relief. However, don’t forget that we’re only talking about thirty two locations and that many of the surrounding cities still […]

The “bagman” cometh

So I’m using a little poetic license to illustrate a point. The bottom line is that in California it’s illegal to drive without automobile insurance. And even if you do have insurance but don’t have “proof” of it if you’re stopped by local law enforcement, then your life just got a little more complicated. You’d […]

May they rust in peace

Well, right off the bat… how do you like our new look? We’ve been diligently working on this new concept and we’re not done yet. Yes, we would like your input since you; the reader is the one looking at it, what do you think? What can we do to improve? Please let us know. […]

Same as it ever was…

Chalk one up for the populace. The thirty two headed Hydra seems to finally been cut down. Yes, I’m talking about the Red Light cameras that “infect” 32 intersections in the City of Los Angeles. I say “seems” because given the fickleness of politicians, these things can become once again operational after one or two […]

Hurry up and wait

What will happen to your right to a speedy trial? The Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees it. It refers to criminal offenses of course but remember that in California, a traffic offense is a criminal offense so…? OK, I may be getting ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning. Budget […]

The Out of Towners

So recently it was mentioned that I have been using song titles and/or lyrics for my blogs. Yes, it is true but hey, if they are applicable… this is why I have briefly switched to movie titles, in case you ask. A common mistake that some people make is that they assume that if they […]