Over the Hills and Far Away

Getting a traffic ticket is not a fun thing, we all agree on that. Regardless of whether we deserve it or not, we usually assume that we don’t and it’s “the other guy” who should have been stopped… right? Well, how much more aggravating can that situation be if you happen to get that citation […]

School’s out… Forever

Yes, I know… another lyrical reference and this one applies as well. In case you hadn’t heard, the State of California will no longer allow second offenders’ traffic school, also known as twelve hour traffic school. As of Friday, July 1st, this handy option is off the table. As you probably know, in the past, […]

And so goes the Merry-go-Round

OK, are we tired yet of the red light cameras controversy in the city of Los Angeles? Well, here’s what we know so far (before you try to outrun the flash). The Police Commission voted unanimously to end the program. Then the vote went to the City Council where they needed at least eight votes […]

Just like a Seinfeld episode

Those of you familiar with the concept will immediately realize that this installment of the blog is all about nothing. Well, the Los Angeles City Council did decide at the end of last week that they would postpone their decision regarding the photo red light cameras until this coming Tuesday. Maybe by then they will […]

Will the Red Light Cameras fade to black?

Well, here’s a subject that refuses to go away. It seems like the City of Los Angeles red light camera program suffered a slight set back this past Tuesday at the Board of Police Commissioners meeting. Although the city council has the final vote on this issue, the police commissioners voted 5-0 against continuing with […]

I Fought the Law and…

… I’m sure you know the rest of that line. Let’s face it, when you get a traffic ticket and you choose to appear in court and “fight it”, you will most likely lose. Barring the officer not showing up (which happens occasionally) you have a very slim chance that the judge will agree with […]

Building a better mouse trap… I mean Speed Trap?

We hear this one almost every day. I got caught in a speed trap, don’t drive on such and such streets… they’ve set up a speed trap. Do they exist? Of course they do. Are they legal? Afraid not. This is where knowledge of the law comes in handy and why sometimes it pays off […]

Outrunning the Flash

No, not the comic book superhero, about to become a major motion picture coming soon to a theater near you… the flash of a speed camera about to come to a highway near you, well… maybe. The recent talk is about adding cameras that can record you and your car breaking the speed laws just […]